Disclaimer : this post is not about the content of the talks. While you wait for the slides (most of them are already here), you may get some feedback from their « official » blogger Xavier ;-).

Botconf is a French-based but English-speaking information security conference happening every December in a new city in France. The 3rd one occured last week in Paris at Google Headquarters


4 enthusiasts from Lexsi were attending the conference (as we were for the previous ones). This event is unique in the world as it exclusively tackles issues related to botnets and the underlying malware problem. It does mix academia and private researchers (with a few good folks from law enforcement), discussing the latest trends, risks and samples « du jour ». The obvious keyword this year was « DGA » (for Domain Generation Algorithms and not Direction Generale de l’Armement, which is heavily involved in another French conference called C&ESAR you should also check out)

BotconfLexsi 2

A lot of talks indeed explained the use of DGA by the botherders to remain in control of their « creatures ». And the opportunities to leverage it against them sometimes.

DGA was thus even called on Twitter an « APT » (an Advanced Persistent Topic of course, hey what did you expect © ? ;-)) And Frank’s dga-to-butt kind of paid tribute to the patented Clown Strike technology from ThreatButt.

BotconfLexsi 3

PS : maybe it’s also what ESET wanted to imply on their flyer ?


The 250+ BotConf attendees came from 25+ different countries, with around half the crowd from France.


And some of the folks had really nice :

  • wallpapers :


  • laptop stickers :


  • hoodies :


  • and many more geeky « stuffz »… (Hey Gavin 😉 )

Most of BotConf presentations are by the way livestreamed,


so that researchers, law enforcement and even the bad guys can enjoy all the funny cat pictures and numerous memes included in the slidedecks!

BontconfLexsi 19

And don’t worry, the recordings will be available in most cases (and useful in some 😉


The content included around 30 talks (with close to 40% of the proposals refused this year) in a single convenient track, plus a few light talks (and one heavy one 😉


Workshops could be added next year to the agenda, don’t hesitate to suggest topics to the organizers. So you should attend also, if only for the social event, as this year again we had a great time (once finally inside the Bibliotheque François Mitterand)


Botconf could easily be renamed BouffeConf (©) as the food was awesome all week long (and in particular the Jabugo Iberico ham)


We had fun, met old friends and newcomers and even learned a few things. Here are a few numbers associated to the event.

So everyone can find a good reason to come and enjoy BotConf next year in Lyon, whatever your priorities are :


In one word (from my kid, on my colleague’s e-ticket):