Threat Defense Center

Lexsi combines the power of Big Data with expert analysis

to protect your most precious assets


The Threat Defense Center is a SaaS platform that allows Lexsi to deliver 24/7 Threat Intelligence services.

The Threat Defense Center uses its Big Data engine to scan the web and the dark web 24/7 and to detect threats before they target your company.

Four defense packages are available to effectively protect your critical assets:

Anti-Hack Prevention

  • Reports new vulnerabilities that affect your systems.
  • Detects compromised endpoints through e-reputation monitoring.
  • Monitors your domains and looks for compromised websites.

Fraud Prevention

  • Detects and remediates against phishing campaigns proactively.
  • Detects oncoming targeted operations & malwares.
  • Detects malicious mobile apps that target your customers.

Dataleak Detection

  • Detects leaked data available on public sources.
  • Detects data for sale on underground marketplaces.

Tools and investigation

  • Provides malware analysis tools and a last generation sandbox.
  • Provides a 24/7 online analyst to answer all your security questions.
  • Provides insight into a specific cybercrime activity, each month

Our threat intelligence platform allows our users to effectively adapt their defense tactics to fight ongoing and oncoming operations that target their organization. There are many actionable benefits using our platform:

  • Anticipate threats against your organization. The actionable data processed by our analysts gives you the main advantage against your adversary
  • Retaliate against hackers by using our special take-down services against malicious servers.
  • Improve your risk management plans by adding an in-depth analysis of your threat environment.
  • Increase your ROI on security investments by precisely evaluating your safety environment.
  • Take advantage from the operational support provided by our experienced consultants.
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Direct hotline access to our analysts

Do you have a general security question? Are you looking for advice from a cybercrime expert? Our analysts can be reached directly by telephone or email 24/7, as often as needed.

An analyst will devote up to two hours to address each of your issues, and provide you with the best available expertise.