SME security

LEXSI’s SME Security packs provide practical solutions to meet the needs of SMEs

They help you cover your company’s basic cyber-security needs at reasonable costs, without affecting your HR structure.

Your needs

Security breaches can harm any business.

Unfortunately, SMEs simply cannot hire the wide variety of skilled workers required to implement efficient security measures on a permanent basis, as large companies can.

Our expertise

Lexsi’s all-inclusive SME Security packs help you benefit from all of the services and products needed to secure your business: part-time security management, auditing and consulting services, monitoring tools, and threat surveillance.

Because SMEs and entrepreneurs deserve no less than large companies, Lexsi calls on the same team of analysts, no matter the size of your business. Our all-inclusive “SME Security Packs” are ideally suited to your specific needs and to the type of cyber risks threatening your business.