Governments have ceased to be the sole targets of Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs). Cybercriminals’ sophisticated techniques, seen in highly advanced state attacks, are now being applied to corporate targets as well.

Faced with this reality, all companies must prepare their defense and lay out plans to prevent further security breaches: the period of time hackers can access your company’s critical assets is dependent upon your response to a possible breach. 

With each passing minute, a security breach could turn into a business catastrophe.

Well-organized and well-executed responses

are the only valid defense against APTs

When it comes to responding to incidents, Lexsi has the market’s best tools and expertise. We provide immediate and global deployment, allowing you to:
  • Minimize infection and risk
  • Fight against self-propagating mechanisms
  • Prevent data extraction to C&C servers
  • Manage a possible media and confidence crisis
  • Successfully eradicate the threat to your company’s software base

Lexsi was born to defend your company’s critical assets

with premium auditing and consulting services,

and Europe’s most effective threat intelligence platform!


Incident handling, malware reverse-engineering, investigations

The Lexsi CERT has a global projection capacity that enables us to act swiftly in the event of a compromised IS: log collection, incident analysis, remediation.

This service brings together top industry experts to collect and provide a detailed analysis of all forms of digital evidence.

  • Audit of all suspect workstations, servers, and peripheral devices
  • Preparation of a complete forensic time log
  • RAM analysis
  • Malware analysis and reverse engineering: servers contacted, persistence mechanisms, detection artifacts, propagation, network communication, configuration file, files storing stolen data, etc.