Lexsi is Europe’s leader in the fight against phishing.
Always one step ahead, we implement countermeasures against servers used for campaigns that targeting your company. Phishing is no longer a concern for your computers and IS.
Your concerns


Phishing keeps attracting new followers, from professional cybercriminal organizations to amateurs hoping to break into the world of cybercrime.

Scams, APTs (Advanced Persistent Threats) , bank frauds—because it is easy to carry out, phishing takes on many forms, including:

  • Bank information theft
  • Theft of data saved in cloud platforms or SaaS
  • Theft of user permissions and access right to attack businesses
  • Early stages of a “Fake President” fraud
  • Etc.


Our solution


Lexsi relies on its technologies, teams of analysts and trusted global network of operators, providers and computer emergency response teams to eliminate phishing and provide cost-effective protection against a variety of threats.

  • We conduct constant internet scans and use behavioral technologies to detect harmful copies of legitimate servers.
  • We use honeypots and become willing victims of campaigns targeting our clients’ businesses.
  • We coordinate a large crowdsourcing network against phishing campaigns, both in France and other European countries.
  • We launch global counterattacks to shut down phishing servers as quickly as possible.
  • Detect through technology

    Lexsi constantly sweeps the Internet to find unknown servers replicating legitimate services :

    • Linked pages
    • Duplicated content and content photos
    • Etc...
  • Detect through deceits

    A large number of fake identities with various personas are used as baits for spam, phishing, botnets, skimmers, etc. 

    This method allows our analysts to witness our enemies's action firsthand.

  • Detection through crowdsourcing

    The European Union mandated Lexsi to lead the front against phishing in Europe. This initiative has generated many spontaneous alerts from individuals into our various portals.

    Customers are provided with means to automatically notify Lexsi about new phishing incidents.

    Finally, all 3rd-party spam traps and phishing databases are monitored by our bots.

  • retaliate

    Years of technical excellence and precision have helped us build a broad network of trustwothy hosts, ISPs, CERTs, DNS, and ISVs all over the world.

    This unique position allows us to take down any phishing server by 3 hours and to report signatures in near real-time to the most popular browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer.