The best experts assist you

in improving your security posture

Your Issues

Every year, more than 25% of all businesses suffer attacks that target key elements of their economic assets.

To address this major risk, companies must continually improve all forms of  security measures:

  • Technical resources
  • Architectures
  • Processes
  • Awareness, Etc

Such an undertaking is hard to implement and sustain, given the specialization and diverse nature of the required skills.

Our expertise

Having accumulated considerable experience, Lexsi's 70 consultants provide our clients with a broad range of security services.

Through constant collaboration with the Auditing and CERT departments, our specialists are on top of attack techniques that are currently deployed against companies worldwide.

This experience is crucial for providing our clients with the best possible services.

  • Governance consulting: CISO support, investment planning, risk management, reporting, etc.
  • Technical consulting: secure architecture building, solutions benchmarking, specifications, project management support, etc.
  • Compliance: compliance with key regulations, norms, and standards, including CNIL, CRBF, SOX, LSF, ISO 27001, ISO 27002, Health, CFONB, PCI-DSS, etc.
  • Methodology: crisis management procedures, security management, ISO procedures, ongoing control and development, DRP/PCI/PRO design, etc.


Our consultants help organizations revise their information security strategies

Lexsi helps you enhance the protection of your company's critical assets and reduce the cost of security by improving operational efficiency.

  • Analyzing the performance and sophistication of security practices
  • Implementing the security function
  • Establishing a security strategy
  • Preparing for the security business-case and setting up a new governance structure
  • CISO coaching, etc.