draws on the skills ?of its emergency response and cyber intelligence experts ?to pre-empt threats and respond to attacks.



Pre-emption and countermeasures are natural responses to the broad spectrum of modern attacks, from APTs to cybercrime.


But such a strategy requires a wide variety of cybersecurity skills that aren’t readily available to all companies.



European CERT leader Lexsi has all the necessary requirements to meet your company’s multiple security needs.

Our teams of analysts rely on state-of-the-art tools and maintain strategic alliances with the entire global security ecosystem – CERTs, service providers, law enforcement agencies, operators, software publishers, etc. – , allowing us to provide the most comprehensive services-and-products portfolio on the market.

  • Services :
    • Incident handling, malware reverse-engineering, investigations
    • Direct-access hotline to our analysts


  • Threat Defense Center platform :
    • Vulnerability monitoring
    • Phishing prevention
    • Data leak monitoring
    • Detection of malware attacks targeting your infrastructure
    • Detection of jeopardized equipment
    • Mobile application monitoring
    • Cybercrime reports, legal intelligence, image-, domain name- and hacktivist monitoring, etc.
  • CERT

    Building on more than 10 years’ experience in the realm of CSIRT interventions, Lexsi can deploy a commando unit of specialists with multidisciplinary skills—technical, legal, business—24/7.

    Armed with tried and tested tools and methods, our team can step in immediately and efficiently to neutralize attacks.

  • CERT

    Vulnerabilities, 0 day, phishing campaigns, data leaks, company destabilization—the Lexsi CERT Threat Defense Center enables you to pre-empt and prevent a broad spectrum of threats.


Incident handling, malware reverse-engineering, investigations

The CERT-LEXSI has a global projection capacity which enables us to act swiftly in the event of a compromised IS: log collection, incident analysis, remediation.

This service brings together top industry experts to collect and provide a detailed analysis of all forms of digital evidence.

  • Audit of all suspect workstations, servers, and peripheral devices
  • Preparation of a complete forensic time log
  • RAM analysis
  • Malware analysis and reverse engineering: servers contacted, persistence mechanisms, artifact detection, propagation, network communication, configuration file, files storing stolen data, etc.