Cyber criminals use a combination of human ingenuity and professional resources to initiate increasingly complex and frequent attacks.

Available market solutions are generally helpless to counter these attacks because they fail to anticipate the hackers’ thought process.

An equal amount of human and technical resources must be brought to bear to neutralize the threats, and businesses need to make sure they are battle-ready: preemption is always the best line of defense.

Preemption is paramount to a successful defense,
and a prelude to a forceful counterattack.

LEXSI provides you with the best combination of tools and services for cyber security currently available on the French market. This unrivalled asset centers on attack preparedness through:
  • Rigorous auditing of your company’s security and risk exposure;
  • Actionable advice to implement tangible measure for security posture enhancement;
  • Crisis management and business continuity planning;
  • Security awareness training for at-risk personnel.
  • LEXSI's Threat Defense Center, a global intelligence platform, is a cornerstone of preemptive measures. It provides a comprehensive and personalized analysis of all active groups, their methods, their operations, as well as effective countermeasures.
LEXSI's lifelong mission to defend the vital assets of your company
through premium auditing and consulting services is supplemented by Europe’s most comprehensive threat intelligence platform.


Among the best in Europe, our audit teams provide you with a detailed assessment of your security

and the means to improve it

  • Penetration tests
  • Application security
  • Compliance
  • Compromission assessment