About Us

Born to defend your critical assets


15 years have given Lexsi unparalleled experience in the realm of cybersecurity. Now the largest independent CERT in Europe, Lexsi is a leader in the threat intelligence community, ensuring the security of more than 500 active customers.

Lexsi’s portfolio is made up of premium services - notably auditing, consulting, incident response, training - and products. Most of this mature software offer can be delivered through our SaaS platform: a front-end where Lexsi’s analysts deliver all their know-how and science. Our services and products are organized around a structured security approach: anticipate & retaliate.




  • $26M revenue
  • 2-digit growth for over 5 years
  • 200+ experts
  • 4 divisions: auditing, consulting, training, CERT
  • 1st independent CERT in Europe
  • 15 years of market presence
Pierre Polette
Stéphane Prot
Patrick Ragaru
Pierre Samson
Jérôme Robert
Pascal Valente
Head of Lexsi Operation Center