• Born to defend your critical assets

    Cyber threats are a combination of technical and human resources. To guard against them,
    LEXSI uses these very same tools and turns them against those who wish to harm your company
    LEXSI builds on the expertise of the best cyber security specialists
    and relies on state-of-the-art behavioral and big data technologies.
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Ours is the only viable solution against sophisticated attacks

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Over the last 15 years, LEXSI has been devising a seamless structured approach
that helps businesses ward off cyber threats through a combination of auditing, consulting, and threat intelligence services.
LEXSI’s preemption package enhances your company’s security policy, 
limits your level of exposure and prepares the groundwork for the 
follow-up defense plan: a swift and extensive counterattack

France’s largest cyber defense database will be dedicated to securing your company.

When faced with a security breach,
time is of the essence to prevent a major business disaster.
In order to contain the infection and halt all data extraction,
LEXSI’s comprehensive and instantaneous deployment
ensures the threat’s sustained eradication.



Andrei Dumitrescu is a speaker for Hackito Ergo Sum the 24 April 2014. Andrei is a pentester for LEXSI, a CTF enthusiast thanks to the Hackerzvoice CTF team.

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In the previous post, we have described how to set up a loft to monitor Dyreza with the help of virtual machines configured with breakpoints at addresses where communications appear in clear text...

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